New blogging platform

I’ve finished the migration process of my blog. I’ve decided to get rid of the Wordpress, as I was not using even 20% of its features and, moreover, it felt a bit too heavy for my needs.

I’ve decided to give Jekyll a try and therefore moved to the static website generation. It should save a lot of bandwidth and time for each post to load. It is also more simple (not to say ascetic) when it comes to the graphics and colors. I find it easier to focus on the content right now.

I also tried (hopefully with a luck) to migrate all the comments from Wordpress to Disqus. I still don’t really like the idea of this whole Disqus JavaScript being loaded for each page but it’s still better than static comments generators for Jekyll so I’ll leave it right now.

Hope you like the changes.

PS. I hope that since right now I can write posts in the IntelliJ IDEA and just git push it to the website, I’ll return to writing posts more often.