Odd Colors in Ubuntu's Flash Player

After one of the Ubuntu 11.10 updates I was affected by some really weird colors in the embedded flash player. Basically, every movie looked similar to the one below (notice the dominance of the bluish color):

Odd Colors in Flash Player

The solution is to disable hardware acceleration in Flash Player settings (RMB -> Settings) just as shown here:

Odd Colors in Flash Player (changing settings)

After un-checking this option and refreshing the page all videos were back to normal:

Odd Colors in Flash Player (after)

I’m not sure if I even want to know why one update could mess up so bad with the Flash Player. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the Flash Player is one of the best way to crash your Ubuntu box. In fact on my Dell Vostro 3555 it randomly restarts the X Window Server… sigh.

Nevertheless, the world has been saved one more time.