Another move towards Git

If you’re interested in getting some basic information about Git, surely you already know about the Git Community Book – it’s undoubtedly a source of great knowledge. However, if you prefer the visual presentation and want to listen about the Git, I will highly recommend Scott Chacon’s “Introduction to Git”. It is great, compact and fast-paced talk about the basics of Git.

So, either you know nothing about Git or you already know something and just want to summarize your knowledge – I would highly recommend you to spend this 1,5 h on watching this video.

By the way, in this video Scott showed pretty nice feature of aliasing. Despite that sometimes it might be confusing for others what magic is your alias doing, it can be very helpful in some cases (e.g. to save you some time typing long commands):

git config --global "log --oneline --graph --decorate"

This command creates a lol alias for git, so invoking git lol will invoke the above log ... command.

The Git learning curve is steep, but after working with it for just a few days – I already like it :-)