I must admit – I’m neither very experienced in the field of user interfaces nor really familiarised with all that JavaScript, jQuery stuff. I was always thinking of myself more as a service layer guy.
Nevertheless, I wanted to improve my knowledge, so I decided to learn more about something called DWR (Direct Web Remoting). I’ve heard about it few years ago but never actually passed the “yeah, I’ve heard about it” stage.

This will be very basic introduction, so I’m afraid that for those of you who know what DWR is and used it, this article won’t introduce nothing new.

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Today I was wondering how to get rid of files in my “temp” directory.

This “temp”, in time, gets so huge that it seems that there is more stuff in it than on the rest of the disk :-)
Because it’s on the hosted server I was looking for some app that will allow me to explore it’s contents from the WWW.

And so I found the Ajaxplorer project which is quite intuitive and powerful. Just take a look at the demo before you install it.

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